Youmacon 2012 – Lolita Fashion Show

All of the lovely models!

Welcome to the Youmacon 2012 Lolita Fashion show!

I’ve personally been a follower of Lolita Fashion for a few years now.  A lot of my individual photo shoots have been with lolita models so I’m familiar with the styles and a lot of the popular prints / dresses.  This is the first year Youmacon had a show for the lolitas so I was eager to cover it!  Also, my girlfriend was a model in the show and was able to gather a few shots of the lolitas as they were preparing for the show.  The lighting was tough because of the multi-colored stage lights but you have to work with what you’re given I suppose.

Here are some various scenes from before and during the show.

Following are individual shots of all of the models and their lovely outfits.  Sweet Lolitas went first, followed by classic and then gothic.

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