Welcome to rensu’s blog~

The primary language for the blog will be English but I may blog in Japanese from time to time… I have to keep the skill up somehow >.>

I’m a 28 year old male living in Michigan.

My hobbies include bowling, photography, RC car racing, PC gaming, and reading anime / watching manga.

I’m a support tech at a web hosting company.

This blog is pretty much random pieces about my life.  Enjoy!

366 days of photos

Photography is one of my growing hobbies.  I got my first digital point and shoot in July 2008 and since then I’ve picked up a DSLR (Nikon D40) and a more advanced point and shoot (Canon S95).  I also have access to my phone camera (Droid Incredible 8 MegaPixel) but the S95 is small enough …

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レンスのブログのようこそ~♪ 26歳の男。 アメリカのミシガン州に住んでる。 趣味はボウリング、撮影、KYOSHOミニッツ。PCゲーム(FFXI、FFXIV、パンヤ)も好き。アニメと漫画も好き。 仕事はウェブホスティングサービス会社の技術支援者。 僕の生活の色んなことについて~♪ 読んでくださいね~  

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