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366 days of photos

Photography is one of my growing hobbies.  I got my first digital point and shoot in July 2008 and since then I’ve picked up a DSLR (Nikon D40) and a more advanced point and shoot (Canon S95).  I also have access to my phone camera (Droid Incredible 8 MegaPixel) but the S95 is small enough to carry with me for daily use so I probably wont do much with the phone unless I’m trying to be discreet…

The problem is…. I don’t use them enough… not nearly enough!  There’s a ton of stuff out there in the world that could be photographed but work days feel generally the same day in and day out and I can never really motivate myself to want to take pictures of the same surroundings.


In an effort to both improve my photography and just get myself taking more pictures in general… from March 1, 2011 until February 29, 2012, I will be attempting to take at least one photo a day and post it to this blog.  My goal is to have a different subject for every photo I take (unless it’s the same subject in a different way / outfit / etc).

Please check back often to see the new photos starting March 1, 2011!

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