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Youmacon 2012 – Cosplay Shots


When I first started going to conventions (Youmacon 2005) I pretty much went to go to panels, game shows, and the game room and that was my convention experience.  Admittedly, I’ve fallen out of the loop of anime quite a bit and my convention experience has changed a lot since then.  My biggest reason for …

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Youmacon 2012 – Lolita Fashion Show


Welcome to the Youmacon 2012 Lolita Fashion show! I’ve personally been a follower of Lolita Fashion for a few years now.  A lot of my individual photo shoots have been with lolita models so I’m familiar with the styles and a lot of the popular prints / dresses.  This is the first year Youmacon had …

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Youmacon 2012 – Maid Cafe

Maid Caitlin is ready to serve you!

Though I’ve been going to Youmacon since it’s early days, this is the first time I’ve stopped in the maid cafe.  It’s a great place to just take a seat and grab a dessert and some herbal tea to boost your immune system (important during conventions).  I can definitely say I want to do this …

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D600 Early Adopter

I’ve pre-ordered a Nikon D600 from Amazon.  It appears to be the camera I’ve been wanting for a while.  I’ll post more pictures here once I have it in my hands, I promise! Hopefully if it ships on time I will have it in my hands on September 19th.  

A Photographer’s Dilemma


Isn’t she adorable?  It’s too bad we live in a world and society where 99% of the time I’m afraid to ask to take pictures like this. Paedophile.  Predator.  Those two words are heard too many times in the news during the course of an average week in America.  Those two words are what I’m …

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Megapixels: They actually do matter, but not for what you think.

Oh Megapixels… People newer to using digital cameras tend to fall in love with having a big number of megapixels, but what are they really paying for?  Truthfully, not much.  Megapixels only have two real benefits:  Printing and cropping.  More megapixels will give you clearer prints at larger sizes and gives you better results when …

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Seated Behind a Champion

Seated Behind a Champion

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