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Within the next few weeks, I plan on merging this photoblog with my actual photography site, and then converting this blog into a strictly personal blog.  Don’t be surprised if in the next few weeks you start seeing some things look a bit weird and disappearing ^^;

Progress: From 2008 – Today

We’re all human; none of us are going to just pick up a camera and instantly become a photography expert.  I’ve been at it for about four years and I wouldn’t call myself even 10% as knowledgeable as a working published professional. Even so, you can definitely see progress in what I thought of as …

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Use as a blog….

So I decided I’m going to use this as a normal blog as well as my photo blog so be prepared to see more entries.   As far as photos go…. eventually I’ll catch up to today >.>

so much fun….

Expect a lot of macro photos in the next few weeks… I’m loving my close up filter set too much ><

URL Change

I’m going to be moving this to wordpress blog to and I’ll be using the actual domain to set up a portfolio showing off my best finished work.  This change will probably happen in the next few days.

JPG week!

From Sunday, June 12 until Saturday, June 19 will be an official JPG shooting week for me.  I will cease to use RAW and go ahead and trust myself to take a decent shot without the advantages of easy post processing… which will force me to get it right! If I like this then I …

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Massive Update coming tonight…and an announcement.

Sorry for my absence in uploading the last few days.  I have taken the pictures just haven’t gotten around to posting them…. except I still need one for today ^^; In any case, starting tomorrow I’ll likely be absent from posting from Thursday, May 19, until Sunday, May 22.  The reason for this is that …

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