I will pretty much define my equipment in four categories.

Primary Camera – These are cameras that I will take with me when I *KNOW* I will be taking a lot of photographs and want to take the best pictures I can.   They will be DSLR type cameras or maybe eventually an EVIL Camera (if Nikon comes out with one compatible with my lenses….)

Secondary Camera – These are cameras that I will take with me when I *KNOW* I’ll be taking a lot of photographs… and may have a situational need to switch cameras for a different type of shot.

Everyday Camera – These are cameras that I can take with me places that I don’t expect to take pictures at.  They will be middle to higher end point and shoots that have more manual features.

Backup Camera – These are cameras that I will use if I don’t have anything else I can use.  It would be a lower end point and shoot or a camera integrated into a phone.


Nikon D600 (Primary FX Camera) [September 2012] – Finally made the jump to FX that I’ve been wanting to… and I’m glad I did!

Nikon D7000 (Primary DX Camera / Secondary Camera) [October 2011] – Second DSLR acquired after pretty much just needing more than I could get with the D40 as far as getting the best pictures I could.  Found a really good deal on it so I picked it up before 2012 ^^

Nikon D80 (Backup Camera) [February 2012] – I picked one of these up used because I wanted a secondary body that was capable of using the screw driven AF and AF-D lenses.  It’s the same generation as my D40 so it’s not much different to use but more AF points, two dials, depth of field preview, and adjustments without menus make this a much faster second camera to shoot with!  My girlfriend is learning on this camera now and I doubt I’ll be using it much myself.

Nikon 1 V2 (Everyday Camera) [December 2012] – Small, fun, great performing mirrorless.  It’s amazing how fast sensor tech advances, this little camera is probably on par with what my D40 could do ^^

Nikon D40 (Secondary [Tertiary] Camera) [April 2009] – My first DSLR!  Learning all of the little tricks to use it properly takes a while but I really love using this camera and it takes wonderful shots despite the small number of megapixels (they really don’t matter for much!). The only time I will be needing this camera is when I need it’s 1/500s flash sync for capturing high speed action.  Otherwise, it will not be used by me much anymore.


The nice thing about DSLRs is that you can collect lenses / other accessories to use with them too!  Below you’ll find my collection that will hopefully grow a lot more as the years pass.

Lenses (In order of date aquired):

Canon PowerShot S95 (Secondary Camera / Everyday Camera) [December 2010] – I got this amazing compact in December 2010 and I couldn’t ask for a better every day camera.  It has excellent high ISO clarity (ISO 800 on it only is slightly more noisy than ISO 1600 on my D40) and it has a very fast f/2.0 lens.  All of this makes it easy to get pretty much any every day shot and makes it a capable secondary camera as well.

Canon PowerShot SD870 IS (Backup Camera) [July 2008] – I pretty much stopped using this after getting my S95.  It’s slower (f/2.8), less sharp, and not as good at high ISO compared to my S95… and the focal range is the same.  The only real reason to use this camera anymore would be if I had no other choice… ^^;


Droid Incredible (Backup Camera [mobile phone]) [February 2011] – My Cell Phone Camera.  I was forced to use this for about a week and a half when my S95 got dust in it.  It can take nice pictures but it’s difficult to get the photo right with a phone camera, so generally I only use it if I have nothing else.


Nikon D7000 vs. Nikon D40

I’ve had the pleasure of owning a Nikon D7000 for a few days at the time of writing this and wow… I can say that it’s absolutely amazing.  I used my Nikon D40 for about 2 and a half years and it’s an excellent camera.  It’s spectacular for learning how a DSLR operates and you …

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