Recommended Programs

Here’s a list of programs I recommend for post processing images~

  1. ViewNX2 for Nikon .nef RAW images, Digital Photo Professional (no download link) for Canon .cr2 RAW images.  Unfortunately Canon doesn’t provide their software for a free download… it should come with your camera if it’s RAW capable, but be sure you keep your install disc that came with the camera!
  2. Pixel Fixer.  I CAN’T RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM ENOUGH IF YOU HAVE A CAMERA WITH HOT PIXELS!!!  This has saved me a lot of frustration with having to use other editors to remove the hot pixels from my images on my D40 (there are about 59 of them that show up at ISO 1600 now ><).  Now I really only have to use a combination of this and ViewNX2 to get things looking nice with my D40 images… anything else is extra ^^;
  3. Some form of Photoshop or a program with similar intent / functionality.   The GIMP and are very popular free alternative programs that you can use for post-processing images.

Between those programs you should have everything you need, but if I figure out anything else of have any more useful programs that I can think of I will add them later!


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